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#1 2015-02-15 04:46:45


Mapping competition

Hi all,

Today KUT clan will start a mapping competition and i hope there will be interested people happy to map.

If you are curious what the prize will be have a look at the urbanterror forum.

This will be a small and fun competition to keep the creative juices flowing!

If you have time between your leets check it out!

http://www.urbanterror.info/forums/topi … mpetition/

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http://kutclan.forumchatter.com/post/ma … on-7296391

Hi Mappers,

Today we will start a mapping competition wich is all about who can make the best map.
The map that will win this competition will be put on a KUT server of our choice.
This means it can be put on 1 server or more by our discretion.

This means your goal should be make a map that will be played, so basicly its not about who can make the most beautifull maps or is the best model maker.

Your goals for the map:

Make a map with max tris count 15-20 k max.(less is no problem)
Make a level that has bot support added. (it should not be a bot only level)
Stay under 15 mb with your completed map.(pk3 file)
Have all gametypes supported.

You can use custom textures/models shaders whatever you like!

The competition will start in 2 weeks and the winner will be chosen by the public using a poll.
(after 3 weeks)

To enter the Competition just sign up and post a reply here that you want to enter the competition.
Only members with a profile on urbanterror.info can enter!

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#2 2015-02-15 05:39:08


Re: Mapping competition

Needs a better prize imo D:



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#3 2015-02-15 12:10:10

Map maker

Re: Mapping competition

You're looking for frag maps over jump maps, right? I might give it a try... smile


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#4 2015-02-15 13:00:30

Map maker

Re: Mapping competition

Needs a better prize...



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#5 2015-02-15 16:40:59


Re: Mapping competition

Price is fine, winning competition should boost your ego enough!!
Good luck Spree.

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