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#1 2019-09-12 10:33:54

Map maker

Makijumps progress and testing thread

So, I have been working on this project for some time now, on and off
I released maki-teamjumps which is part of this project some time ago, and then I had a long break
After playing again recently, I worked on some unfinished jumps, and now I have 7 jumps that need final testing for the leets which is the job of jumping gods zen
I will update this post whenever I make progress, need some testing, or need some help
btw, this project is huge, both by size and number of jumps, so designing it will be a tough job and I'm really not a big fan of designing, so if anyone is interested in developing their designing skills and helping in this project at the same time, hit me here or on discord

I will be releasing the test version here around 6pm today, it will be on funtown test server

Edit#1    12/9/2019
here u go, 7 jumps of the noicy path
https://mega.nz/#!9s52TYRT!RXjYExHfUxjU … h8Dz51faBw
it is up on funtown test server

p.s: master servers are down, so connect via this command
/connect; password a1234a

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