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IMPORTANT: Someone decided to hack the UJ server and delete all the files on it including the backups. So now we are trying to rebuild from what we have. This may take a few days so bear with us

Welcome on Hall of Fame

Hall of Fame, want to know what it is?
It's a section that contains the demos of the speed runs which are sent. Although there are already quite some demos posted, we are still missing some. The 100 best times for each map will be reflected in the Hall of Fame. Records are sorted from the fastest to the slowest. This is not only intended for pro-jumper, to show off how cool there are, it's also a place where everyone can keep track of their own records, share them, monitor progress and motivate everyone to participate. Of course competition is allowed.

If you want to participate, you can send your demo via the form, located at: Profile - Hall of Fame. The maps should be conducted without the use of spawn-shortcuts (too easy). Also note that the use of the vertical powerglitch (as shown here) is not allowed. Your record will be added to the hall of fame after we have a valid demo (obviously).

Recording a demo is easy, (default is F12 to start and stop). So go one, next time you're going for a time-trial, get your place in the Hall of Fame!

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