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Language: French


Map maker: jmarc

File: ut4_dayfee_b1.pk3 (2.6 MB)

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About ways:
1. Furthest Slide
2. Furthest walljumps
Explanation time:
Minutes: can be ignored, is just to put the participants in the correct order
Milliseconds: The number represents the distance the participant reached

Way #1

Jumper's Name Time Previous
1st StupZ 00:00.70 Download demo
2nd Samchun 01:00.66 01:00.63 Download demo
3rd MR_BEAN 02:00.61 Download demo
4th 86West 03:00.59 Download demo
5th GaMeR 04:00.58 Download demo

Way #2

Jumper's Name Time Previous
1st StupZ 00:00.41 Download demo
2nd sait0w 01:00.39 Download demo
3rd Isaac 01:00.39 Download demo
4th DarkeN 02:00.38 Download demo
5th Giomarketz 03:00.38 Download demo
6th MR_BEAN 04:00.38 04:00.36 Download demo
7th Samchun 05:00.36 Download demo

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