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Language: French

Level: 70/100 (Vote: 6)Easy Jumps

Map maker: Mr Dino, aka Dino

Easy Jumps_a2

Release Date: 2008-11-01

Number of jumps: 7

File: ut4_easyjumps_a2.pk3 (6.5 MB)

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About Easy Jumps

I created Easyjumps because I wanted to make a map for average jumpers. The map turned out to be not so easy at all, It's actually more hard than easy.

The mapname is a joke: players like to connect to servers running an map with this name. They expect something really easy and suitable for their skills. Too bad big_smile for them, Most of them usually change their mind at first jump.

I was working on a3 version of this map, but things in my life changed and I couldn't finish it anymore. Now I am not sure I'll be able to even open GTKradiant and find out how to put a brush into map.

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