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Language: French

Level: 88/100 (Vote: 4)No Icy Jumps

With timer

Map maker: PsyDuck

Release Date: 2015-05-27

Number of jumps: 23

File: ut42_noicyjumps_b2a.pk3 (23.6 MB)

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About No Icy Jumps

Info b1:
ut42_noicyjumps are now done! It's an map with jumps that are made in icyjumps style but as the names says are not icy!
It is a bit of a new style of jumping not like icy nor non icy. But good icy skills helps when learning this, tho it relays a lot more on flicks then normal icy.

If i remember right there is 20 jumps in the main map, 6 leet jumps ( uber included ) 4 secret jumps and 6 learning jumps.

Thanks to:
Sardin ( if a normally jumping hating person like him find this fun it have to be fun!)
Hugo ( for coming spec when taking breaks from your own mapping xD )

And special thanks to:

Info b2:
- fixed several stupid bugs
- added a few new!
- more quak!

Info b2a
- quak
- quak
- quak
- quak
- quak
- quak
- quak

This update also includes new sounds made by ie7!!! Make sure u don't miss them!!!!!!

Forum topic: http://www.urtjumpers.com/forum/viewtopic.php?id=2311

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