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7 Maps by Noxtty

Map Name ▾▴ Level Map Maker Filename Size
bst jumps BST Jumps 51 moonie, updated by noxttyMoonie, updated by Noxtty ut42_bstjumps_u2.pk3 ut42_bstjumps_u2.pk3 15698008 15 MB
ice logic Ice Logic 43.3 luckypops, noxttyLuckypops, Noxtty ut4_icelogic_jumps_v10.pk3 ut4_icelogic_jumps_v10.pk3 3071668 2.9 MB
pulsar Pulsar 65.7 noxtty, kl4nkNoxtty, Kl4nk ut4_pulsar_b3.pk3 ut4_pulsar_b3.pk3 13655406 13 MB
r7 xono R7 Xono N/A rust7, updated by noxttyRust7, updated by Noxtty ut42_r7-xono.pk3 ut42_r7-xono.pk3 782467 764.1 KB
race loop Race Loop N/A noxttyNoxtty ut42_raceloop_b1.pk3 ut42_raceloop_b1.pk3 891400 870.5 KB
rs run Rs Run N/A realhero&stalker, updated by noxttyRealHero&STALKER, updated by Noxtty ut42_rs-run_a1.pk3 ut42_rs-run_a1.pk3 2962078 2.8 MB
tatmt Tatmt N/A trinidad and tobago, updated by noxtty TrInIdAd and ToBaGo, updated by Noxtty ut42_tatmt_a1.pk3 ut42_tatmt_a1.pk3 2547759 2.4 MB

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